Architectural Coatings

Specify our Architectural Protective Coatings with Confidence

Quest Construction Products offers a broad range of coating finishes to protect, preserve and beautify vertical architectural substrates.

We manufacture all our products and utilize only premium quality raw materials, in combination with state-of-the-art production techniques, to ensure the long-term performance of our coating systems. Attention to detail in our quality control lab assures our customers of receiving top performance they can rely on with every batch.

Additionally, our products are third party tested and certified, meeting or surpassing some of the most stringent guidelines. Because of this quality and proven performance in the field, our products are also on many Qualified Products Lists.

Our architectural finish coatings can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Applications include:

  • Wood
  • Masonry, CMU
  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Metal
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

Variety of Top Grade Architectural Protective Coatings for your Project:

Pigmented Water-Repellent Stain

Canyon Tone Stain

Uniform Color Finish on Precast or Poured Concrete, Brick & Stone

An acrylic polymer blended with silicone resins, designed to seal concrete and masonry surfaces with a water-repellent, color stable finish.

Able to lock into surface pores due to its low viscosity and penetration ability.

CanyonTone Stain forms an opaque film, yet it is much thinner than typical paint finishes, allowing it to wear like the natural substrate. Will not peel, flake or crack and available in a wide range of colors.

Learn more about CanyonTone Stain.

Transparent Water-Based Sealer

Canyon Tone Clear

Protects Above Grade Vertical & Horizontal Concrete – A water-based silane sealer blended with silicone resins is available in an economical concentrate form, which can be diluted with water to yield from 5% to 15% solids, as per project requirements.

The silane molecules are able to penetrate deeply into concrete substrates, where they react with the concrete matrix to provide long term resistance to water and chloride ion penetration from within.

Also available in a pre-diluted 5% version, and in a heavy bodied version for use on vertical and overhead applications.

Learn more about Canyon Tone Clear.

Concrete & Masonry Stain


Designer Colors for Masonry - In-Stone is a semi-transparent concrete and masonry sealer designed to provide uniform color to architectural block and other substrates.

It is supplied in a Clear Base, which can be tinted locally to one of several standard or custom colors. In-Stone possesses excellent color stability, ultraviolet resistance, alkaline and pollution resistance.

Learn more about In-Stone stain.

Semi-Gloss Acrylic Sealer


Durable Sealer for Concrete, Brick & Stone – Acrysheen is a clear, water-based acrylic sealer that provides a semi-gloss finish to a wide variety of surfaces. It can be used directly over concrete, exposed aggregate, brick or other masonry substrates to provide increased graffiti resistance and cleanability, or it can be applied as a topcoat over numerous finishes, including Aquathon, Canyon Tone Stain, Acryclad and Roof Mate.

Also available in an Acrysheen Plus formula. A cross-linking version, designed to provide increased graffiti resistance. It has a tougher, more chemical resistant finish that resists repeated scrubbing and tolerates harsher solvent cleaning.

Learn more about Acrysheen.

Exterior Wood Stain

In-Wood Stain

The Stain That Goes IN The Wood- The ultimate in exterior wood protection, In-Wood combines 3 different penetrating oils with micro-pigments, enabling both to penetrate deeply into the wood grain. Due to the deep penetration qualities of In-Wood, it does not form a “paint-like” film. The natural wood grain beauty is maintained with a finish that will not peel, flake, or crack. It provides long term protection to all types of wood on exterior siding and log homes, fences, decks, docks and any wood structure requiring superior protection.

Learn more about In-Wood stain.

Cleaners and Prep

Quest Construction Products also offers products for cleaning, prep and priming that are formulated to work specifically with our protective architectural coatings.


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