StreetBond: Discussion With a Panel of Experts
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Discussion With a Panel of Experts

StreetBond helps facilitate innovative streetscape and hardscape designs and has been applied on over 100 million square feet globally. A live webcast explaining the key benefits, features, and technology of StreetBond, an acrylic pavement coating solution, was recently presented by Quest Construction Products (QCP). Dow Construction Chemicals facilitated the webcast, which was taped in Philadelphia, PA. The webcast was entitled StreetBond: LEED-Compliant Cool Pavements – Functional Creativity.

The webcast featured a panel of experts knowledgeable about StreetBond, testimonials from contractors who utilize StreetBond in the field, and a photo array of actual projects with before and after comparisons.

The panel of experts included Glen McCrady, Director of International Business Development for QCP. “StreetBond is … a fluid-applied water-based coating system that is used on both flat work and stamped work, “ Glen explained in the webcast. “It primarily was developed for use on asphalt, but it has evolved into being used on concrete as well.”

“There are endless possibilities in what you can do with the product,” explains Jacob Dobson. “There’s a lot of standard design templates available, and there are a lot of custom designs.” Jacob is the Technical Service Leader for QCP. “Also, we have quite a few colors that are LEED compliant – SR29 or greater.”

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